3.26 Patch notes – A6S nerf

[3.0] The following adjustments have been made to ease the difficulty of Alexander – The Cuff of the Son (Savage):
The number of mines deployed by Hidden Minefield has been reduced.
Damage dealt by Blaster Mirage’s Supercharge has been reduced.

Damage dealt by Power Plasma Beta’s Ultra Power Plasma has been reduced.

Midan Gunner’s HP has been reduced.

Vortexer’s HP has been reduced.
Damage dealt by Crashing Thunder and Crashing Wave has been reduced.

Blaster changes won’t make that much difference. It means that I will be able to pop the mine (if there is only one of them now) and move into position faster, so there will be less RNG on getting bad mines and charges going through the center. Should also make it easier on the healers as well.
Brawler changes mean that tank will be taking a little less damage during the orb phase. Depending on how much less it means that we might be able to take them with a magic stack on us, reducing the need for me to use hallowed ground there.
Swindler changes are great for us since we are currently wiping on the snipers because we haven’t been killing them fast enough. hopefully now we can kill them before they get off a second shot.
Vortexer seems like a straight up nerf, will help with killing it when we get there.
All in all, its a shame we haven’t cleared it “pre-nerf”, but I think we will definitely be more consistent on getting to Swindler and beyond now.

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