Patch 3.3 Update

Well, the new patch has hit with a bang! We’ve had to make a few adjustments in the raid team since we lost a few players for various reasons. Hopefully the new players we have on trial will do well.

With the release of the new extreme trial, the raid group will focus on getting that down and farming for weapons. I was hoping to start that on Thursday this week, but we may need to wait until Sunday if whole group hasn’t had time to unlock it yet.

The Weeping City of Mhach is pretty tough for a 24 man raid. Important to get a clear each week to get a gobtwine to upgrade left side gear, so try not to leave it last minute since it can be quite difficult. You can also get upgrade items from hunts now. 500 seals to get an unstained clan log, and 4 logs for and accessory upgrade and 6 for left side gear.

Izora and I managed to buy a couple of small houses in Mist ward 9, plots 51 and 53, feel free to come and visit!

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