Stormblood + O1s Down

Stormblood hit the servers and there was manic levelling all round, followed by tomestone farming, primal farming, and replacing lost raid team members. I think most people would agree the new story in Stormblood was pretty epic, and the slightly revised battle system need a little tweaking for a few of the classes. Some weeks after the expansion was released the story mode Omega raids released, and came with some exciting (?) new mechanics, and now savage mode has been released we can see them in all their deadly glory. It seemed like the general consensus was that the first savage fight (V1.0) was pretty easy, and should pose too much of a problem for most groups, including pugs. This also meant the pressure was on to clear it fairly quickly, however… which we managed! Screenshots and video below!

Also, welcome to our new members: Chaosprime Zero (Monk), Reinhardt Stark (Warrior), and Aercus Asura (Samurai).

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